Beauty is a peace , it is in small small things like in a voice of small child whether it is of human or of animal , it is in nature , in positive vibes , in love , in relation , in smiling faces , in idea , in object in everything and everywhere . It is the ascription of property of character that provides a satisfaction . As we can see beauty everywhere but we ignore it or we don’t wanna see it because we always want the best things in our life’s if we find defected piece not having sharp looks steet dogs girls without makeup
and other things . On that time our love our fellings where that all goes why we can feel good or make them fell good .

We should always accept the truth and should be very grateful to what nature have given to us . Sometimes we think being beautiful makes life easier and we just start putting more makeup , obsess over our hair , walk with the fashion buy more cloths but we all fought that beauty can only do so much and their much beauty can’t give us .


I’m not saying that presenting your self in a better condition in a well behaved manner is not good but sometimes we underestimates ourselves and pretend ourselves as a fake personality which is not good and which harms us in later it can’t give you a true confidence , you can attract peoples for some time but not make real friends , you can’t love your self with the fake identity . We should be strong and beautiful from inside rather than having fake one


The beauty of women is not in makeup mode it is in her soul. You just have to see it feel it beauty is everywhere. Where there is beauty in character – harmony in home – order in nature -peace in the world – and peace is the biggest beauty in the world .
There is no different or difficult way to love nature or to understand art because it directy refers to beauty there is no tough task to see it to feel it to understand it .

Being you is the real enjoyment in this whole world is it something that you love your own identity ur on individuality which is something real you connect with the originality and you make people fell good you can provide positive vibes which is very important in this time period where negativity is taking place and people’s are getting demotivated by that . We need to boost up our energy our soul and should say to yourself that ” Don’t worry Baby you are Superior from all ” you should have that spirit and you have to start seeing beauty rather than searching it .

Beauty is something what you can only see or feel it when your both heart is and your soul is pure .


The expressions of human creative imagination and skills typically in a visual form which should be appreciated because of their heart and emotional power and tha various parts of these creative activities are such as with the three classical branches of art painting , architecture and sculpture . dancing , music and literature they are included in a broader definition of the Art . Art is the form of communication which means every artist communicate with their skill with their work as well as they share their ideas and feeling to viewers .


Art is important because it is having hold in all the development domains in child development. Art enhance the gross and fine motor skills and it is surrounded by physical development also by it self . It is very helpfull in building self-esteem and children learn about themselves and others views or thoughts by art activities . Art can also helps students to gain important skills and they are Focus , self – expression , discipline , observation , collaboration , risk taking and perseverance .

We have talked about art and it’s importance but how can we fought to talk about who create art here basically I’m talking about the pure soul in this world with the positive mindset who believes in spreading love all-over the world so , do you guys know who is an artist ?
He or She is a person who understands that if they make art so it is for love not for pleasing anyone . A true artist always reflect their thoughts and life with the help of their art their skills . When any artist creates something his or her stuff there is nothing in their mind it is an escape from the real world because that time they just want to conectarte on their skills and make it better .

In day to day life development of skills help student in their new way of thinking and solving problems help them to take responsibility of what they do rather than blaming others Build confidence in both the fields speaking skills and for cooperation . But it is not written anywhere that only students can use their skills everyone can use it rather than doing jobs under boss that strict schedule why can’t we use our own talent and skills and start your own stuff why we always get stuck and think about jobs .

Everyone have talent and Passion , common sense , a basic understand of technology , the ability to fell what others are telling right now at this time we all have knowledge but we have to do is just trust on yourself and take one step forward to begin to start is a time to follow your passion your skills your talent that’s it nothing else .

You all are born artist its just that you all have to know your identity like an real artist .



‌The norms found in human society , social behaviour , as well as the knowledge , values , beliefes , art , laws , customs , language , capabilities , traditions , and habits or the individuals  directly refers to the culture . Basically India is known as the rich country of culture where people live in their culture .

‌Culture is a strong part of people’s lives . It influence their loyalties and worries . So, when we make friends or speak to people make relations with them helps to have some understanding of their culture.

‌Culture is important because it makes us unique from other part or the world . Everything from marriage , religion , language , tradition  and beliefes should be valued in every culture .

Nowdays you can see individual is very intrusted in knowing other culture which is very good but they should also follow and enjoy their culture too. Learning about other culture will make you excited and motivated to find what really it is . Being understanding  the common and difference between another and your culture.

Culture play an important role in society in building a good and healthy relationships . Culture mean to kids things includes like food , cloths , music , dance ,  art , custom and religion .

Culture forms a human . Without culture we would purely  animals . No  language ,  no art , no cooking , no  rules , no science , no tools and weapons , no games , no music and dance , no social and political  organization – all is a part of culture too . Without culture human being or society would be the pack of chimpanzees . So , respect your culture and others also without it you all are nothing follow it and always accept the truth of life .

If I talk about my culture which is very unique which is sub-divided into two parts Kumaon and Garhwal these culture identity differently  and gives them a meaning. The various festival , tradition , religions , folk dance and music , these all separates it from all crowed .
By this every one has their own culture like hip hop culture , music , art etc own festivals like Holi , diwali , Dusshera ,  Christmas , Eid , Lodhi etc and have uniqueness which have their own enjoyment .


The history of clothing in India commemorate to ancient time. Yet fashion is a new industry, as we know it was the traditional Indian clothing with their regional variations, like sari,ghagra choli,dhoti which was very popular until the early decades of post Independence India.A simple and common form of Indian fashion originates from Western Culture. fashion includes a series of sequins and silver , golden threads to attract customers.famous fashion trademarks in India is embroidery, an art of sewing distinct thread patten. A way to include new look and traditional fashion. Basically embroidery is applied in different dresses, shirts, skirts, saris, Kurtis ,pants to reflect western culture as well as Indian tradition.The first cloth was made by india was cotton which was also used even as early  2500 BCE during the Harappan era. The first cotton cloth mill was established in 1818 near Kolkata and which was failure. The second mill which was again established by KGN Daber in 1854  in Bombay(Mumbai) which is know as the true foundation of modern cotton industry of India. So ,this was some knowledge and a kind of history of cloths and fashion but ,the question is WHAT IS FASHION ?

The  greatly affected appearances by cloths we wear and because of this reason a growing number of people started asking the question whether they should wear their traditional wear or Western trends.

Youngsters today argue that they should learn to go with the flow or taking up new trends and they think new trends are best and is a better option by the way this this great option to go with the time and new trends because I feel Western trend directly related to freedom and expression. One can add his or her own taste and ideas to them and really they are Classy,s stylish and attractive. Western trend sets a good impression and polished background.
Tradition clothing other hand represent our identity and culture and it is very good to go with it if we are wish to preserve our tradition.If we are not going to follow and promote our culture and custom then other can do it.I personally belive that we should have balance between all things which is must. Here I’m not talking about only  these two things but yes I’m talking about every type of fashion we should respect it and should try it. The way we dressed up, how  beautiful we are carrying  things , what we are wearing doesn’t matter what they will thing what they will say just go with the flow with an attitude , wear cloths according tho occasions.
Confidence is the other name or Fashion .Fashion is about being comfortable with yourself with your personal style