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Hi Im Sakshi

Welcome to my portfolio

Everyone has their own different story. Here is a small glimpse of mine. My name is Sakshi Verma. Im 17 years old and was born in Pithoragarh (Uttarakhand). And right know Im in 1st year of the college and persuing BA.

So, far in Three months I have incorporated myself and the students who needed the platform. Im lucky enough to show you all the main tool of that platform by which I hope to be the best blogger in the whole world.

so, basically this portfolio is about Fashion, Culture, Art, Beauty.In this website I will display my talent in the best possible manner and attract maximum number of people, website is a huge business of IT industry.


To follow current and morden stylr of living is termed as fashion. People adopt fashion improves the personality of a person what he/she carries. The way of presenting his/herself by their outfits, expressions, makeup etc. You can find lot of changes in the history of fashion.


It means that the joy multiplies when it is shared amongs each others. Living in the diverse country like India and being part of it. Culture thats based on respect for one another our people are the part of our family everyone with his/ her own talent and potential.


It is a medium to Portray emotions using certain mediums. Art provides freedom of expression. Where whole world dont work. A skill that creats a creative content in the form of art.


Beauty directly refers to the senses. It is a inborn instinct in human beings to appreciate beauty. Smile, simplicity, good vibes. Beauty need no makeup.The living – Non living things all are the examples of beauty.


This website is the set of knowledge to spread beauty, art, culture in the form of self clicked photograohs , poetry, videos, etc with original content in the world. Powerful and creative stuff, Unlimited infomation.