Beauty is a peace , it is in small small things like in a voice of small child whether it is of human or of animal , it is in nature , in positive vibes , in love , in relation , in smiling faces , in idea , in object in everything and everywhere . It is the ascription of property of character that provides a satisfaction . As we can see beauty everywhere but we ignore it or we don’t wanna see it because we always want the best things in our life’s if we find defected piece not having sharp looks steet dogs girls without makeup
and other things . On that time our love our fellings where that all goes why we can feel good or make them fell good .

We should always accept the truth and should be very grateful to what nature have given to us . Sometimes we think being beautiful makes life easier and we just start putting more makeup , obsess over our hair , walk with the fashion buy more cloths but we all fought that beauty can only do so much and their much beauty can’t give us .


I’m not saying that presenting your self in a better condition in a well behaved manner is not good but sometimes we underestimates ourselves and pretend ourselves as a fake personality which is not good and which harms us in later it can’t give you a true confidence , you can attract peoples for some time but not make real friends , you can’t love your self with the fake identity . We should be strong and beautiful from inside rather than having fake one


The beauty of women is not in makeup mode it is in her soul. You just have to see it feel it beauty is everywhere. Where there is beauty in character – harmony in home – order in nature -peace in the world – and peace is the biggest beauty in the world .
There is no different or difficult way to love nature or to understand art because it directy refers to beauty there is no tough task to see it to feel it to understand it .

Being you is the real enjoyment in this whole world is it something that you love your own identity ur on individuality which is something real you connect with the originality and you make people fell good you can provide positive vibes which is very important in this time period where negativity is taking place and people’s are getting demotivated by that . We need to boost up our energy our soul and should say to yourself that ” Don’t worry Baby you are Superior from all ” you should have that spirit and you have to start seeing beauty rather than searching it .

Beauty is something what you can only see or feel it when your both heart is and your soul is pure .

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