‌The norms found in human society , social behaviour , as well as the knowledge , values , beliefes , art , laws , customs , language , capabilities , traditions , and habits or the individuals  directly refers to the culture . Basically India is known as the rich country of culture where people live in their culture .

‌Culture is a strong part of people’s lives . It influence their loyalties and worries . So, when we make friends or speak to people make relations with them helps to have some understanding of their culture.

‌Culture is important because it makes us unique from other part or the world . Everything from marriage , religion , language , tradition  and beliefes should be valued in every culture .

Nowdays you can see individual is very intrusted in knowing other culture which is very good but they should also follow and enjoy their culture too. Learning about other culture will make you excited and motivated to find what really it is . Being understanding  the common and difference between another and your culture.

Culture play an important role in society in building a good and healthy relationships . Culture mean to kids things includes like food , cloths , music , dance ,  art , custom and religion .

Culture forms a human . Without culture we would purely  animals . No  language ,  no art , no cooking , no  rules , no science , no tools and weapons , no games , no music and dance , no social and political  organization – all is a part of culture too . Without culture human being or society would be the pack of chimpanzees . So , respect your culture and others also without it you all are nothing follow it and always accept the truth of life .

If I talk about my culture which is very unique which is sub-divided into two parts Kumaon and Garhwal these culture identity differently  and gives them a meaning. The various festival , tradition , religions , folk dance and music , these all separates it from all crowed .
By this every one has their own culture like hip hop culture , music , art etc own festivals like Holi , diwali , Dusshera ,  Christmas , Eid , Lodhi etc and have uniqueness which have their own enjoyment .

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