The history of clothing in India commemorate to ancient time. Yet fashion is a new industry, as we know it was the traditional Indian clothing with their regional variations, like sari,ghagra choli,dhoti which was very popular until the early decades of post Independence India.A simple and common form of Indian fashion originates from Western Culture. fashion includes a series of sequins and silver , golden threads to attract customers.famous fashion trademarks in India is embroidery, an art of sewing distinct thread patten. A way to include new look and traditional fashion. Basically embroidery is applied in different dresses, shirts, skirts, saris, Kurtis ,pants to reflect western culture as well as Indian tradition.The first cloth was made by india was cotton which was also used even as early  2500 BCE during the Harappan era. The first cotton cloth mill was established in 1818 near Kolkata and which was failure. The second mill which was again established by KGN Daber in 1854  in Bombay(Mumbai) which is know as the true foundation of modern cotton industry of India. So ,this was some knowledge and a kind of history of cloths and fashion but ,the question is WHAT IS FASHION ?

The  greatly affected appearances by cloths we wear and because of this reason a growing number of people started asking the question whether they should wear their traditional wear or Western trends.

Youngsters today argue that they should learn to go with the flow or taking up new trends and they think new trends are best and is a better option by the way this this great option to go with the time and new trends because I feel Western trend directly related to freedom and expression. One can add his or her own taste and ideas to them and really they are Classy,s stylish and attractive. Western trend sets a good impression and polished background.
Tradition clothing other hand represent our identity and culture and it is very good to go with it if we are wish to preserve our tradition.If we are not going to follow and promote our culture and custom then other can do it.I personally belive that we should have balance between all things which is must. Here I’m not talking about only  these two things but yes I’m talking about every type of fashion we should respect it and should try it. The way we dressed up, how  beautiful we are carrying  things , what we are wearing doesn’t matter what they will thing what they will say just go with the flow with an attitude , wear cloths according tho occasions.
Confidence is the other name or Fashion .Fashion is about being comfortable with yourself with your personal style